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About Pik-A-Pup Kennel

Dogs For Sale In Massachusetts

Are you searching for dogs for sale in Massachusetts? Come and meet the energetic, happy, and healthy puppies at Pik-A-Pup Kennel. We only work with top area breeders to make sure that you get healthy and happy new members of your family. We have twenty five years of experience, and we are dedicated to creating a loving environment for our puppies to grow up in before they go on to live happy adult lives. We are committed to raising the best puppies in the area, and we will work with you with a free consultation to find the right breed and dog for you and your home. This is no small decision, and it's always smart to find a dog that will work for you and whatever your situation is. Don't rely on a non-professional. Turn to us, and we will find a perfect puppy for you. Contact us today, and let us introduce you to some of our wonderful puppies.

When you are looking to add a pet to your life, there are a lot of options you can take. But there's nothing quite like bringing a new puppy into your home - the love they provide, the protection they can offer, the obedience and love of the person who adopts them. We have taken great joy in introducing puppies to wonderful owners, and we look forward to doing it for many years to come. We are a one-of-a-kind kennel, providing individuals and families one of the greatest joys that money can buy. Think of these lovable little guys as a new family member who will give unconditional love for years to come. We have the largest selection of adorable AKC/APR registered puppies in New England and have been offering beautiful, healthy puppies for over twenty five years. Don't turn to some backyard breeder you can't always trust. We are fully licensed and insured and offer guarantees about the health of our puppies, and we raise them in a loving environment until we find a proper home for them.

So if you're looking for dogs for sale in Massachusetts, come on by and meet some of the wonderful puppies at Pik-A-Pup Kennel. We have over twenty five years of experience and are fully licensed and insured, and we're committed to providing a loving and healthy environment for our puppies to live in until we find that perfect home for them. We now offer free consultations to make sure that we find a puppy that's right for you and your family, no matter what your situation. Contact us today, and let us get to work introducing you to the newest member of your family.

Over 40 Breeds

Pik-A-Pup carries over 40 breeds, including:

Basset Hound
Boston Terrier
Dachshund (mini)
English Springer
Golden Retriever
Jack Russell
Labrador Retriever
Lhasa Apso
Min Pin
Rat Terrier
Schnauzer (mini)
Scottish Terriers
Shih Tzu
Siberian husky
Silky Terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Teddy Bear
West Highland Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

*We deal with a selective group of breeders, so we may not have all breeds in the kennel at all times. Please contact us for current availability

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